Creative method

The most effective protection against competitors
The prospects for the near future are not very bright for most companies, because the only option to survive in the modern competitive world is to constantly attack. The best…

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Open your business online
If you want to become an entrepreneur and are looking for a suitable occupation that would bring money, you simply cannot ignore the Internet. Conventional stores have moved to the…

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An effective way to improve your business
Business improvement is a necessity related to the fact that everything flows and changes. Once the most profitable business was agriculture. Then industry became the most profitable business. After industry,…

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FUN style business

There is such a book, Funky Business. Key messages of the book: the corporate world should become more interesting. It should be a place where people become creative and courageous entrepreneurs; a place where talent wants to live. A place where ideas are born instantly and amazing things come even faster. And change again.

This is the world of funky business.

There will be time, read over a cup of coffee. The book is not so big, so it won’t take you much of your precious time.

We replay the title of the book a little and discuss the topic “business in the style of fun”. Fun – from the English “fun, fun.” For the slow-witted, this is when you meet your friends on the day when absolutely everyone is in a great mood. Fun in this case is guaranteed.

But what about business in this style?

First of all, this definition refers to the field of entertainment. This is neither an oil business nor a high-tech business, Continue reading

How to ensure the economic security of the business?

Have you ever wondered why there are so few really rich people? A universally recognized fact – in addition to the ability to “make money” you must also have the ability to save them. Even the most successful and knowledgeable entrepreneurs sooner or later invest their money in an absolutely losing business. Remember, scammers and scoundrels constantly revolve around rich people. There are those who live on debt, not even expecting to return them. As soon as a large circle of people becomes aware of the wealth of another person, they try by hook or by crook to deprive him of their capital. It is very important to learn how to protect your finances and the welfare of the company.

This article is devoted to the economic protection of business.

A few golden rules:

Never sign a contract without fully convincing the honesty of the partner. The subject of the transaction must be seen with your own eyes, and not take a word even to the closest. Pay special attention to prepaid agreements. A lot of people burned out on such contracts, do not repeat their mistakes. In addition to external factors of aggression, there are also Continue reading

Which small business can be opened?

You are increasingly worried about the idea that it would be time to take care of your own capitalization a little, getting on the skis of a market economy and choosing which one you can open a small business that matches your abilities, skills, habits, hobbies?

How much time do you spend browsing the Internet or playing games? Why not try to make money on your passion for obtaining information, filling your blog with content, communication and controversy?

What are the most affordable classical methods of earning in the network that actually work in 2013?

List of the most relevant types of online business

1. Why not create applications?

The tremendous pace of development of the smartphone market and related applications stimulate demand for ever new applications, as well as games for these devices. Continue reading

6 tips on how sports can help you become a successful investor

In recent years, sport has gained immense popularity around the world. Many athletes possess qualities that literally mesmerize young, not yet held “stars,” namely, fame, power, and a sense of superiority. In addition to fame and popularity, there are many more important things that sport teaches us and can help in many ways.

To succeed, athletes must go through many years of training and hard work. The most important thing that helps them to grow and go through all the ups and downs during the ascent to Olympus is success – it is firmness of spirit. It is this quality that provides them with firm determination, patience and a positive attitude towards everything that they meet in their way. Many businessmen, executives and top-ranking specialists believe that people involved in sports are better at manifesting themselves in their professional fields.

In fact, sports also have a lot in common with investing. As in sports, investing also requires patience, understanding and a clear intention to overcome any obstacles. Here are 10 tips on how an athlete’s personality traits can also help you become a good investor. Continue reading

Open your business online

If you want to become an entrepreneur and are looking for a suitable occupation that would bring money, you simply cannot ignore the Internet. Conventional stores have moved to the world wide web; lawyers and manicurists, confectioners and seamstresses advertise their services on personal pages … An ordinary business becomes inextricably linked to the Internet. And starting right away is a smart decision.

You can talk about exactly what you can do on the network for several hours – the list of options is constantly expanding. Let’s consider some of them.

Information business Continue reading

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