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Which small business can be opened?

You are increasingly worried about the idea that it would be time to take care of your own capitalization a little, getting on the skis of a market economy and choosing which one you can open a small business that matches your abilities, skills, habits, hobbies?

How much time do you spend browsing the Internet or playing games? Why not try to make money on your passion for obtaining information, filling your blog with content, communication and controversy?

What are the most affordable classical methods of earning in the network that actually work in 2013?

List of the most relevant types of online business

1. Why not create applications?

The tremendous pace of development of the smartphone market and related applications stimulate demand for ever new applications, as well as games for these devices.

Even if you are not familiar with the basics of programming, but you are full of creative ideas, then this is an excellent occasion to become an art director and owner of a small business with hired programmers and freelance designers who will help monetize your exuberant imagination.

2. You can become a social media consultant or open training paid courses at which you will select the best cadets for the future agency of specialists in SMM. This is very promising, because the business will be more and more aimed at direct sales through target groups in social networks.

3. Try to educate and teach online, either personally (in any field that you can call your professional priority – from watercolor to Chinese), or by hiring full-time employees for salary, or freelancers for specific volumes of work.

4. Organize a trading platform where other network users will want to sell their goods and services. But it must be a unique site, popular, original, impressive and memorable in order to have commercial success.

5. If you want to do crowdsourcing, then finding an extras to solve creative problems will not be difficult, especially if you decide this in the form of a tender with payment for the work to the winners, or a competition with the corresponding prizes.

6. Create niche sites and blogs with copyrighted content and texts of paid copywriters, become popular and earn money on advertising.

7. Open the most creative advertising agency on the Internet, trade traffic.

8. Become an image maker, an online reputation consultant working with serious customers, providing a certain opinion for large groups of users (sometimes it can also be a custom anti-advertising company aimed at niche competitors)

9. Organize a service for performing micro-tasks, expand the circle of your customers.

10. Writing travelogues is a very popular function, because such articles can be sold to travel agencies. Or post them on your website, becoming an agent of large tour operators.

Before starting any business, it is imperative to conduct a small analysis of the market in the city and region. Of course, doing this is not so interesting as dreaming of fabulous profits, but it can protect you from indiscretion, which will lead to no less fabulous losses.

So where should the analysis begin? First of all, clearly indicate the area in which you are going to open your business. Of course, you may still not know exactly what kind of enterprise you will organize. But the difference between, say, a catering establishment, an online store or a furniture store is obvious. This is what you need to decide.

Then gather information (from the Internet and other sources) about how this business is developed in your city. This will allow you to sensibly assess your strengths and find out if it makes sense to look for your niche or if all niches are already occupied for several years to come. Finally, the question of what kind of business is in demand in your city and region is very important. After all, the main law of the market: demand creates supply. So, you need not only to find a relatively undeveloped market segment, or at least one that you can “fit into”, but also one that will be interesting to customers.

For example, there was no point in opening a beach goods store in a Siberian town far from the coast. In the same way, as it makes no sense to trade agricultural machinery, if your region lives and develops due to, say, mechanical engineering. Of course, there is hope that customers and buyers will be found in neighboring regions, but for this, your prices, taking into account shipping costs, should be more profitable than your potential competitors in another region. And in order to determine this, you have to take your marketing research beyond the framework of your own region.

Well, when you find what you like, it’s interesting for customers and is not subject to competition on all sides – you can assume that you have found the perfect business for your city and region.

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