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Effectively combating employee burnout

Burnout of employees is a natural process that is laid down by nature itself. Sooner or later, any fire, if you do not throw firewood in it, begins to die out and eventually completely decays. Similarly, over time, any employee begins to fade, if he does not “throw firewood,” which is some kind of motivating factor.

Burnout and control of employees

Over time, absolutely all employees will burn out, because such are the laws of nature and such is the logic of the development of our world. Someone is enough for more time, someone is enough for less time. However, in the end, all employees are exposed to burnout, regardless of specialty, because burnout does not choose a profession, it is characteristic of everyone.

There are many opinions as to why employee burnout occurs. However, they are all very approximate and more likely to provide food for thought than a concrete answer to the question. There is only one correct answer to the question of why burnout occurs. It is correct because it takes into account the burnout mechanism.

Employee burnout

Before proceeding to the consideration of the burnout mechanism, it is necessary to recall what the employee is doing at work. The question of what an employee does at work can be approached from different angles, which means there will be different conclusions. One of the conclusions is that employees at work realize a certain idea, their actions lead to the fact that the idea is either realized or not.

A new idea is always a huge amount of motivation, under the influence of which employees work as regular

If an idea is realized, a product is created; if not, it is not created. The essence of the idea being implemented depends on what exactly the employees are doing and in principle this is not very important. The important thing is that all ideas have common properties. At first, when employees just get a job, the idea that they have to deal with is new to them.

A new idea is always a huge amount of motivation, under the influence of which employees work as regular ones. The employees who have just gotten to work can be imagined as a fire just set on fire. Gradually, the idea is realized and burnout of employees begins. As soon as the idea is fully realized, 100% burnout occurs.

The burnout of employees has a reason

So, employee burnout is the final process of implementing an idea. The world is arranged in such a way that everything in it originates from ideas, and ideas have the property to be realized and, accordingly, to end in order to give way to new ideas. When the idea is realized, there is nowhere to move on, there is no motivation, and this is what we call burnout.

Accordingly, so that the employees do not burn out, they must be constantly aimed not at implementing the idea, but at bringing it to perfection

All ideas have one common property – they come in different levels. Each new level brings the idea to perfection. For example, once people called on a disk telephone. Then people talked on a push-button telephone. After the conversation went on a radiotelephone. The radiotelephone was replaced by mobile phones, which are now being actively replaced by smartphones.

All of these devices are based on a common idea. The listed devices are just tools for implementing this idea. The trick is that the idea has levels. Each new level of development of an idea is an idea step to perfection, to the absolute. Accordingly, so that the employees do not burn out, they must be constantly focused not on the implementation of the idea, but on bringing it to perfection.

Burnout Prevention

The topic of employee burnout is relevant for many businesses, because many businesses were originally built not with the aim of bringing the idea to perfection, but simply with the goal of its implementation. The implementation of the idea comes quickly, which means that burnout also comes quickly. As soon as the idea is realized, the business ends and burns out both the business and the employees.

Thanks to this strategy, the life time of a business and the activity of employees can be increased tenfold

It can of course be supported artificially, but it is not profitable. The movement to excellence is a long way and huge amounts of motivation, so if you choose this path, then the burnout of employees will come very soon or not at all. Thanks to this strategy, the life time of a business and the activity of employees can be increased tenfold.

The trick is that as soon as you reach one level of development of an idea, a new level opens. It repeats itself over and over, dozens and hundreds of times and it’s really cool. A business built on such foundations is an eternal business, because the pursuit of excellence is an eternal engine for an eternal business. Such a business is not afraid of a crisis, and anti-crisis marketing is not needed for such a business.

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