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FUN style business

There is such a book, Funky Business. Key messages of the book: the corporate world should become more interesting. It should be a place where people become creative and courageous entrepreneurs; a place where talent wants to live. A place where ideas are born instantly and amazing things come even faster. And change again.

This is the world of funky business.

There will be time, read over a cup of coffee. The book is not so big, so it won’t take you much of your precious time.

We replay the title of the book a little and discuss the topic “business in the style of fun”. Fun – from the English “fun, fun.” For the slow-witted, this is when you meet your friends on the day when absolutely everyone is in a great mood. Fun in this case is guaranteed.

But what about business in this style?

First of all, this definition refers to the field of entertainment. This is neither an oil business nor a high-tech business, where expensive cigars, meetings and jackets for several thousand dollars rule the world. This is a major league, which we can not pull on such a thing as fun. People do not have fun there, they rule millions.

Where to get money to start your own business? It is this problem that 95% of beginning entrepreneurs face! In the article “Where to get money for a business,” we revealed the most relevant ways to get start-up capital for an entrepreneur. We also recommend that you carefully study the results of our experiment in exchange earnings: “see the results of the experiment”
We are now talking about small business. Such as, for example, all kinds of amusement parks, isolated attractions, extreme entertainment and other things that cause violent emotions inside our tense bodies.

If you decide to make money playing on the emotions of people, then you need to clarify one point. The main thing is to give people an unforgettable experience. A person is ready to part with his hard-earned money if, after meeting with you, he receives a good drive charge, positive and an overwhelming adrenaline rush. Even if your service is quite expensive, then many simply don’t remember the price if “wow! wow! woooow! ”

Like it or not, all our memories of the past are connected with some bright events that have sunk into the soul. It is for this reason that people jump with a parachute, first climb a snowboard, jump from the roofs of buildings (with insurance, of course), fly helicopters, paragliders, take surfing lessons. These impressions cannot be replaced even by a year of sitting out your ass in the office. And people readily pay for this.

In this case, it is absolutely not necessary to paint an extremely complex business plan with various strategies. Just come up with something that will cause a storm of emotions in the soul of your potential client.

Build a small slide-attraction near a reservoir in the summer; water-skiing for a boat; teach the art of snowboarding; discover rojumping, but there are a lot of niches in the entertainment industry.

You can give emotions, and people will give you their money. More and more.

What kind of business can I open?

What kind of business can I open? When people think about what kind of business they can open, they often dismiss the idea of ​​an agricultural homestead. And very much in vain. After all, what the past generation considered ordinary and received completely free of charge, coming on vacation to relatives in the village, today is already a kind of exotic for many.

To open a farmstead, you need to decide what exactly you yourself mean by this concept and what customers will expect from you. If these expectations coincide, you can act.

So what do we mean by farmstead? Sometimes the exact opposite things.

The farmstead can be an ordinary small, but comfortable hotel, located outside the city, with a banquet hall, a sauna, a barbecue and a landscaped park. Such farmsteads are designed mainly for celebrations. Here you can celebrate a wedding, anniversary, hold a business seminar. In fact, the conditions for visitors are not much different from what they get in any small city restaurant.

The antipode of this farmstead is a farmstead-style manor. Preserved in their original form village houses (or stylized as a “simple village”), stove, vegetable garden, village living creatures, furniture from the mid-twentieth century, simple village food. Such farmsteads are good for families. City children will be interested in messing around with kittens and puppies, watching a cow milk or getting water from a well, feeding chickens or ducks, stroking a rabbit, wandering around the garden and garden. Adults are happy to just take a break from the hustle and bustle. Such a farmstead, however, does not imply neglect of hygiene requirements. Perhaps your customers will enjoy the birdhouse toilet, but it should be a perfectly clean birdhouse.

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